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We use the Rausch KS135 Scan Camera system for all our profiling.  Two laser diodes are integrated directly in the pan and tilt CCTV camera head, positioned left and right of the camera module axis.  These laser diodes are used for crack measurement and laser profiling.  The camera also performs conventional CCTV inspection, making this a compact system manufactured solely by Rausch.  The Rausch ScanCam system is the only rotating laser system on the market.  When used for laser profiling, the camera head swivels perpendicular to the pipe wall and starts rotating at a defined speed.  Via triangulation, the POSM Pro software continuously calculates the exact pipe diameter and deflections.

On the way out from the access point, the system is used to perform conventional CCTV inspection, as well as measuring all joint widths using the lasers.  These measurements become part of the inspection report.  On the way back, the system performs a laser scan of the entire pipe length.  Once the run is completed, the POSM Pro software instantly generates two dimensional and three dimensional graphs showing any anomalies, deflections and the average pipe diameter.

Our equipment is automatically self-calibrating (removing any human measurement error) and has been independently certified, and thus accepted, for use in Pennsylvania as required by PennDOT.  We provide instant and final reports on the spot with no wait time.  The data can not be manipulated nor are reports generated by a third party.  Because no field calibration is required and the lasers are directly affixed to the camera, our equipment is the most accurate and reliable.  The system is sturdy, compact and reliable with a quick, remote launch which does not require human manhole entry. 



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