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3 Rivers Pipe Profiling, LLC is an approved PennDOT Business Partner (ECMS#006444).  In addition to CCTV, we offer the most advanced, highest quality laser profiling services in compliance with PennDOT specifications (section 601.3 (o)) for all 100 year design life pipe from 8 to 48 inches in diameter.  All our operators are PACP certified and highly trained and experienced.  Our mobile truck-based system can travel from our home base in Pittsburgh to wherever your jobsite is in Pennsylvania.  We use only the finest Rausch laser profiling equipment which is the only self-contained, as opposed to tow along, unit available.  Our POSM Pro real-time reporting software produces your inspection reports on the spot rather than days or weeks later and does not require editing or third party analysis.  On site PennDOT inspectors see your results and can immediately notify you of any inspection problems. 
We help you go with the flow . . .




                                   We help you go with the flow . . .

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